The golf course wasn’t far, but Gregson didn’t want to play anymore; he wanted to chase the dangerous woman. Finding one who loves speed and violence and seduces with sex and excitement is rare. Most men are afraid, standing on the sidelines to watch, but Gregson shifted into fifth gear, listening to the sound of his American Muscle. He shot past the golf course like he was breaking a land speed record and just as he was leaving the patch of green in the desert, he noticed the white Lotus in his rearview.


His rubber tires left a mark on the highway, like a signature. He stopped for the one thing that made life worth living, a dangerous woman. Gregson parked and walked towards her. The other men were staring, they could only stare.

She struck her ball with love and precision. It went into the hole.

“The police are looking for you,” Gregson said.

“Let them look. It’s true what they say about old men, they don’t know when to quit.”

“I don’t know… Many men have. Most never play the game.”

“That’s because they know they’d lose.”

She looked into his eyes. “People see your fat body, but they miss your fire.”

“Most people don’t think that counts for anything.”

“It does, if you know how to release it.”

“10 dollars a hole?”


“Ladies first.” Gregson followed her tail to the first tee box. He admired her balance. It was a physics problem he wanted to solve.

STRIKE. 300 yards. Gregson had never seen a woman attack a golf ball that way. Although, he’d never seen a woman attack a man with an ice pick. What was he doing with her? It wasn’t rational. It was sexual, but his basic instinct told him there was something beyond.

Gregson swung his stick, striking his ball into the tall grass. “What made you want that man from the neighborhood?” He asked.

“Come over to my place for a drink, and find out.” Jessica gave him an evil smile. She was always two steps ahead, but Gregson didn’t mind. He admired her, from behind.

“You owe me 600 dollars,” she said.

“I’ll pay you at your place.”

“Deal,” she laughed. It was a cold laugh that gave Gregson chills. When they got to her place, there was unholy artwork on the walls. It made Gregson want to give up his soul.

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