I was born rich

maybe reincarnated

So, what did I do in a past life

to get busted back

to 9 to 5?

I broke too many rules

fraternized with too many women

I was cavalier with my freedom.

“You still think we live in a meritocracy,” my friend screams.

“Well, I believe in the billionaire spirit.”

“We should get rid of people at the top.”

“But I want to be up there. Mountains are beautiful.”

“What? We need to spread the wealth around.”

Maybe he’s right. Money means different things to different people.

Just having it,

is not enough.

On the tipping point

of Wednesday

I am a creative volcano

removed from reality.

I see supermen

who stand up there

and I love it

Monuments to something

beyond the week.

Beyond anyone

who needs more or wants more

Having it all

is not holding it

and knowing it’s there.

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