Even the most devout

will fall away.

So, who are you leading man?

When you look behind you,

who do you see?

What’s really there?

Why take any steps forward

when the end is the same for everyone?

“It just feels good,” he says,

“to move.” And he does.

He walks with a step that is all his own.

He gets places and people marvel

or they can’t stand where he goes.

They worship and scream at him 

He has influence over 1 or 100;

it doesn’t matter.

When there is none,

there is peace 

In the crowd,

there is company.

The desert is where life cannot live,

So, that is where he goes,

into the heart of death,

to find pleasure there,

lying between the dunes,


staring at the night.

It tells him where to go

and he judges himself by it.

Fire and Water and Earth and Wind erode his body

but his spirit belongs to the stars.


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