A man, bulging from his cargo shorts, sits in the break room sipping his coffee and eating a donut. His eyes are glazed over. The drivers walk in from the rain.

“My daughter is so stupid. God, I wish I’d knocked some sense into her when I had the chance.”

“What’s wrong?”

“The bill for her wedding is already up to 25,000.”

“It’s her special day.”

“Yeah, and she’ll be paying for it for the rest of her life.”

“Marriage is death to men.”

The blonde stops talking… “What did you say? Just because you never got married.”

He takes a bite of his glazed donut and averts his eyes.

The blonde resumes, “this wedding will cost my entire salary. Just wait… she’ll be driving soon. Then she can pay the bill.”

An older man with swagger enters. “Mr. Athletic can drive; did his whole route perfectly, the first time.”

“Routes are easier now. When I started 20 years ago, it took 6 weeks to learn the city. Being a driver used to mean something.”

“It still does.”

“You think you’re better than this job; everybody knows it!”

Mr. Athletic looks at the donuts. “Raspberry, I think.” He leaves with a smile on his face.

“Where was I?” The blonde asks.


She glares at the glazed man.

And their story is one of thousands that sound the same.

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