Neb fed the birds. He looked at the office building. “Just one more week until retirement.” After that, he could spend time with them all day. Their black wings marched back and forth and Neb decided to do the same. He walked inside.

“Management wants to see you.”

Neb didn’t think much of it. Dan was his boss, 10 years younger and a scarecrow of a man.

“Take a seat,” Dan said.

“You called, sir.”

“Neb, we have to let you go.”


“Parachutes. And you don’t have one. This company is in free-fall.”

“But sir, I need my pension.”

“You should’ve put some money aside and not wasted it on the birds.”

Neb left the office and ripped Dan’s picture off the wall. It was the only thing he took. Then he walked across the park and the birds scattered into the air.

Costume Creators was just down the block. Neb entered. He addressed the pierced and tatted cashier.

“Can you people make me a mask?”

“Who you callin ‘you people.'”

“Uh… I just need a mask.”

“That’s an ugly guy. Is it for Halloween or something?”

“Somethin like that.”

“Give me two hours and you can scare anybody with that thing.”

“I’ll wait.”

2 hours later…

Neb put the mask on.

“Ahhhhh. Freaky. I nearly filled my pants, son.”

Neb left the shop and walked across the park. He threw down some bird seed and the crows came. Then he pulled out a plastic baseball bat and started murdering them. Cracked beaks and blood steaked the sidewalk. An environmentalist looked at him in horror, too afraid to say anything.

“Beta male!” Neb jeered.

Birds scattered, flying into the sky. Neb left the park and threw the mask into a nearby dumpster.

5 PM rolled around and the parachutists left the office building for the slow bus-ride home.

Dan walked to the middle of the courtyard and stopped.

“What the…” Crow’s blood and feathers streaked the pavement. He looked up. The sky was nearly black. Beaks dove towards him, pecking his eyes until he saw red. The crows never forget a face.


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