I’ve been good for far too long

so, I think about being bad

but that doesn’t lead anywhere

My brain tells me “Just do it!”

But those things don’t satisfy

I’m getting thinner

and stronger

but I still see the world

through lack luster eyes.

Why choose pain

when desires

can be had?

We shoulder the burden of less

because the burden of more

is not worth the weight.

It seems like we aren’t gaining anything

by choosing less

and we are right.

Why have less

if you can have more?

Because more is less

but I don’t think

less is more.

It’s something else.

When you figure that out

you know what life

is all about.


7 thoughts on “What Life is All About

  1. Hope you figure it out soon my friend 😊💕
    Life simply is : neither more is good nor less is bad …. and both good and bad are mere dream. So why not dream of beauty and joy and bliss 💕😊💕😍

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