RADIO CHATTER. “In later news, the Continental was robbed today.”

“What?” Gregson gasped. “Jackson and his bank robbers beat me to it!” Sweat beaded on his forehead. “Officer Barbie stopped me from stopping crime. The rules always get in the way of justice. Now the gloves come off! I’ll give Liz a call.”

“Hello, this is Gregson.

Yeah, I need a lesson.

Your place?

Sure, I’ll bring the wine.”

Gregson got off the phone. He floored it to her apartment. Bottles of wine were stashed in his trunk for such occasions. Gregson grabbed one and knocked.

Liz came to the door wearing yoga pants and a halter top. Gregson compulsively gave her the bottle.

“Rye Whiskey, interesting choice. More than 80 proof. Is your plan to get me drunk?” Liz asked.

“How else can I win?” Gregson improvised. He followed her perfect body to the mats in the living room. Fat Buddha statues were crouched on the floor. They were smoking incense cigarettes. Gregson looked at his belly. Maybe he had a chance with her? Liz poured a glass and drank. Then he took a swig. Before he could swallow, she choked him from behind.

“Ahhh,” Gregson gasped.

“Where should you grab me?”

Gregson swung wildly like a flailing cat in a swimming pool.

“Where should you grab me?” Liz repeated.

There were stars in his eyes and then the room went black. When Gregson woke, smoke and mirrors jarred his reality. The studio was like a disturbing dream.

“Take a steam with me, it will make you feel better,” a hypnotic voice suggested. Gregson followed her sweet sound. He felt lightheaded. Then he glanced at the bulletin-board. Jujitsu Tournament in Honolulu: Compliments of International Savings Bank.

“I’ve got learning to do, but I need to stay conscious for it— this is high school all over again.”

Gregson’s body was just like Buddha’s. Liz worshiped Buddha; she believed in his teachings.

Gregson shared his knowledge with her that evening.

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