I don’t know that a boy can understand a man’s life.

A woman can’t understand a man’s life.

If a man has succeeded,

he has a lifestyle

that he loves

A messy house

some artistic expression

he doesn’t bring it out and show it to others

It’s a pleasure

he can spend time with the guys and listen to their conversations

but when he gets home

he begins to type or paint,

or do whatever he does.

It keeps him company.

Maybe a woman comes over and she is nice to have around,

but philosophy is a man’s friend

and nothing else.

Otherwise, he becomes dependent,

and his ideas become her ideas,

and what he likes becomes what she likes,

and the world becomes things that must be done.

A man doesn’t need anything, but what keeps him company.

He beats the traps when he does what he does.

His life is pure joy.

It exists

separate from the world.

If he chooses to walk inside,

he gives to the people there.

They take him or leave him

and he doesn’t



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