Take a step back

you are dancing


so pause

before the two step

and twirl

catch the room off-guard

enter the dangerous

where each foot follows a line

and avoids it

Exchange hands

and side-step feet

the beat must be neat


and everybody else

smelling their perfume

nature’s rehearsal

for the back room

or the dancer

who cuts his legs

to the music’s moan

a triumph of action

his lost awareness

to solemn stares

from those

watching him

the man who dances alone.


6 thoughts on “The Man Who Dances Alone

  1. Hi there, Intellectual Shaman (great name btw!),

    I am reaching out because I noticed you liked my my most recent post.

    As a writer who is fairly new to WordPress (& blogging in general), I am interested in how you came across my post.

    I plan on being more active in the digital publishing world now that I am out of school. I would like to find a community of like minded creators (such as yourself) that I can engage with and be motivated by.

    Any insight would be absolutely valued and appreciated.

    All the best,

    Mr. Fangler

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Ray, I’m glad that you discovered one of my earlier poems! I am just discovering that love is the secret! There is a difference between knowing this and practicing this, because love is spiritual. I love certain things in my life (golf, books, the library, friends, etc.) and the more I love, and write about it, the better I am in every way–sounds cliché. Oh well… I think I found your blog through a wordpress search, under a subject line. I started my blog to write consistently, and it has helped me with that. I think there needs to be a bigger WHY? beyond blogging. My inspiration is Bukowski and Thoreau. I’m not sure if this helps… Best, Ian.


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