Gregson still read the newspaper in the internet age. He looked for stories to divert his boredom because when he became really bored, he ate. One pleasure needed to balance out the other and when he found a promising article, he circled it in red pen. “Bodybuilders Carry-off Perfect Bank Robbery, interesting,” Gregson mused. He unconsciously reached for another blueberry muffin. The problem was that he also ate when he got really excited. “Maybe it’s time to get a gym membership,” he said out loud. “In downtown Chessfield.” He slurped his black coffee and kept reading with his thick spectacles.

“Says here, they operate as a tight-knit team, ummm. They use Brazilian Jujitsu on the guards. I’ll make a few phone calls.”

Gregson dialed. “Yes; do you have a Jujitsu club attached to your gym?”

“No. We cater to 50-year-old women.”

“Well, could you tell me where to find the gym I’m looking for?”

“You want Muscles and Thongs.”

“You’re kidding; sounds like a gentlemen’s club.”

“I don’t make the names mister.” CLICK.

“Well, he was an abrupt fellow. I’ll just finish off this muffin and then find my exercise clothes. Where did I put my shorts? That’s right; it’s been a few years since I wore them. Maybe the maid threw them out. I’ll stop on the way. The sports store was deserted and Gregson was mildly pleased.

“I may be taking martial arts and I need something that holds my weight well,” Gregson said to the high schooler behind the counter. “What do you have?”

“You could go with a singlet.”

“Ah, kinda like overalls; yeah, that’ll work.”

“We have one in your size, I think,” the kid said. He went into the back room and got Extra Extra Large.

“That looks kinda small.”

“It’s elastic; don’t worry.”

Gregson paid and then found Muscles and Thongs. Beautiful women were walking into the gym from the parking lot. He sucked in his belly and held his breath. “Maybe this is just what I need to get my blood pumping again.”

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