The biggest breakthrough I had with writing was realizing that it was not about mechanics, or English teachers, or getting it just right or getting it to be a certain length, but it had to do with having something to say, something to express, and being able to say it well, to put it down, was everything.

There are things in this life that will save you. They are not always easy to hold onto. They cannot be commanded; they must be coaxed. A man must make his own way and make his own world. 

When he spends more time with the things that set him free, he becomes free. The world falls away, the pointless conversations, the ego games. I’ve heard people discuss who was more spiritual. They argued about ideas. If we consider our consciousness as the true frontier for freedom, we realize that knowledge is meant for us.

If you were totally alone and you had to relate to yourself and only yourself for the rest of your life, what kind of conversations would you have? What kind of things would you do? Who would you be? People are waiting to meet you; show them; don’t hide from others; take what you are and say it with power. If you can do that, you can love writing; you can love yourself.


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