Are you really thinking or are you just a conglomeration of habits pretending to interact with the world differently? -Intellectual Shaman

I had better things to do than commit suicide and have affairs. I had a staff meeting to attend. I left my office and walked down the tired hallway to the conference room. My colleagues were sitting there, trying to look important, and in a strange way, they were. Absurd. And understanding this made meetings a bit more tolerable.

“Mac, difficult business today, dealing with that attempted suicide.”

“Yes; I suppose it was.”

“You’ll need to see our attorney, just in case he wants to press charges.”

“What for, I didn’t push him off the building.”

“Yes; but you did talk to him. Words are dangerous, you know.” He emphasized this like he disagreed with my teaching style.

Rudolph would never be the man. He held positions and told others what to do, but his time was spent in meetings trying to sound important. Meanwhile, a quiet student sat in a lonely room pounding out ideas with no praise but their own.

I sat there for 2 hours trying to divert my mind to important affairs, but my lust lost in the end. I left that meeting like a eunuch.

My affair with Liz would have to wait. There were so many existential voids begging to be filled and I didn’t have the time to fill all of them.


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