Strange things happen in graveyards, or at least that’s what I know from the stories. The dancing lights looked like fireflies. And I might not have given them a second thought, had it not been for the lantern blinking from the superintendent’s shack. Who’s he trying to signal? I wondered. And then the lights from the island changed, blinking in a different pattern. I didn’t have time to watch because I needed to put the body under, so I kept on digging. 3 feet in and I struck wood. “This isn’t supposed to be hallowed ground.” I checked my instructions. Then, I heard knocking from below. Fearing for my life, I thought to run, but then I noticed a fog; thicker than I’d ever seen, snaking over the water towards me. There wasn’t any wind, so I couldn’t figure how it traveled so fast. Suddenly, dead ringer bells rang.

I dropped my shovel to run, but the road leading out of the graveyard was already covered in mist. The only shelter was the superintendent’s shack; so, I ran for it. The bells rang louder, so that I couldn’t tell if my ears were ringing or the ringer bells were. I banged on the door.

“Let me in!” I shouted. The fog encircled the shack and I saw figures in it. An arm reached out from the door and grabbed me. “Quiet,” it hissed.

“What’s happening?”

The ghosts have come to call. Remain absolutely still.”

We stood there in the dark, barely breathing, for what seemed like hours. Slowly, the fog dissipated and I looked into the superintendent’s eyes. “Why did you have me dig up that grave? It was a rotten trick.”

“There’s no other way to wake the ghosts,” the superintendent said. “You must disturb their remains.”

“What were those lights on that island?”

“Those were the ghosts looking for their lost treasure. I’ve been trying to communicate with them for some time. If I travel there, they vanish.”

“What kind of treasure are we talking about?” I asked.

“It’s an enormous treasure; cursed to be lost forever, but I’ve found a clue to find it in Bluebeard’s grave. He turned from man to ghost more gradually than the rest and he wrote clues to beat the curse on his leather clothes. Tomorrow, under cover of sunlight, we’ll finish digging up the grave you started on this evening. Gordon said he won’t help us.”

“What makes you think I’ll help you?”

“You’re a curious young man and I’ll cut you in on the treasure.”

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