Obsession is a lot like love, with one exception; it does not love you back. -Intellectual Shaman

I was naive in my 9th grade year, and you might say, I’ve always been naive. I didn’t understand the thoughts of others. So, I was shocked when a friend of mine told me, “I’m going to beat you at everything.” I wasn’t competing with him, but he wanted something I had. Why did he think I owned some illusory title?

There were competitions on the putting green to see who could get the closest and I’d chip my ball within a foot of the hole and win over and over again. I didn’t understand social capital; you can beat someone for only so long until they resort to other methods of winning.

“Andy, miss it; miss it!” But I’d put my ball within 6 inches of the hole. The harder he tried to win, the more he lost. I was trying to be the best golfer I could be and I was taking Honors Literature because books spoke to me. My dream was to write and play golf for a living. When you find the most important thing, it becomes transcendent and the longer you stay there, the more transcendent you become. Mastery is not about achieving titles, but living with meaning. Your life will inspire some and anger others.

My mother asked me, “Andy, why do you want to play golf professionally? You might do something greater, like become a teacher.” My dad sat me down, “Andy, when I got to college, everyone was majoring in engineering. It was the hardest field, but most couldn’t hack it. They’d switch to drafting or education. Some would even sink into the humanities. Everybody wanted to be an engineer, but they didn’t have the mind for it.”

I listened to them and decided…

I would do the most impractical thing; to live for my unrealized dreams.

7 thoughts on “Obsession

    1. Sometimes there’s rhyme and reason in what parents say and sometimes not. It’s funny how we rebel. I consciously chose to attempt the most impractical things. Becoming successful is more difficult. When someone asks me, “What do you do for a living?” I want to say, “I’m a poet.” There’s nothing better than living on words.

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