“Listen… I’ve only got 6 months left to live and I don’t want to read another book on cancer.”

“You might need a priest, instead. My clients work on past traumas rooted in their subconscious. You’re facing end of life decisions. May I ask why you came here?”

“I read your advertisement, ‘Take control of your life!’ I’ve never done that before.”

“Why start now? Most people near death just want to get comfortable. Maybe you should put your affairs in order.”

“That sounds tiresome; I’m looking for something else.”

“What can the world offer you?”


“From what?”

“From who I used to be.”

“Now we’re getting somewhere… maybe I can help.”

“I want to choose who I am at the end.”

“Are you worried about your legacy?”

“I’ll be dead; getting remembered is foolish.”

“Then what will you have?”

“Have you ever wondered if you could do something, but you never had the courage to do it?”

“Yes; I felt that way in medical school. I raced cars at night, illegally, but one day I got busted and I quit. I was terrified to keep doing something that could ruin my future.”

“I don’t have a future. What would your life be like if you never became an Analysist?”

“I wouldn’t be stuck in a room listening to you. After taxes, I live comfortably; everyday blends together into decades. I have to read my notes to remember my clients. Even their suicides go out the window. On the weekends, I play golf, but I never get any better.”

“How could your life be better?”

“I wouldn’t need to cling to my identity. When you do something illegal for a living, you can’t talk about it. Who you are changes from one day to the next. If you’ve ever tasted something that made you feel alive, everything else becomes bland.”

“Why continue in your job?”

“I have a wife and a family who depend on me.”

“I don’t. Do you feel shackled with responsibility?”

“Yes; but I know I am doing something worthwhile.”

“Now you need to help me do something worthwhile. I’ve decided to rob banks.”

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