“You know what I realized?” I said.

“What?” My brother-n-law asked.

“You can only grow when you push yourself past your self-imposed limitations.”

He was concentrating on his organic coffee while he half-listened to me. His free-range eggs were carefully organized on the counter while his bacon sizzled in the frying pan.

“You aren’t happy,” he said.

“Happiness is a fleeting emotion,” I replied. “The problem with society is that they live for pleasure.”

“I live for pleasure. You don’t have any satisfaction in your life.”

“If you are satisfied and content, you will never be hungry for things,” I said.

My mother walked downstairs. “Jon, will you be working today?”

“My uncle thinks he’s my boss. That was the last straw.”

“What happened?” My mother asked.

“Marilyn, I don’t want to talk about it.”

“My boss is a fair woman,” I said.

“Andy, you should never use the word ‘Boss’; you’re placing her above you.”

My mother started to read the newspaper. “You know, this says that white-supremacists are massing in Europe.”

“Marilyn, you can’t believe everything you read. The news is heavily slanted.”

“I thought it was objective.”

“Most everything you get from the media is a cover up; people still think we landed on the moon.”

“You don’t believe that?” My mother asked.

“The less you believe, the wiser you are,” my brother-n-law said.

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