I chose my body when I was 20. It was a weightlifter’s gym. The kind that smells of chlorine and sweat. There were philosophers there; men who debated ideas and talked politics; and some who made their bodies their religion. They didn’t get along. I see them from time to time in the grocery store.

Back then, I thought I was staring at the women; but now I realize it was the men who left an impression on me. I rarely talked to them, but I always listened to their conversations.

“You really want the government to raise your taxes? Any authority who thinks they know what’s best for you or your money is a tyrant.”

“Health care is a right and communism would work if it was done correctly.”

If you don’t have a transactional economy, you’re dealing with philosopher kings who think only of themselves.”

“Will you guys shut up! This is a gym; let’s lift weights.”

Growth moves in cycles and I was starting to become a full-time bodybuilder. My boss told me he could get me steroids, but I was clean. I didn’t believe in drugs. Instead, I took supplements that weren’t regulated by the food and drug administration. I wondered why my hair was falling out.

I had 50-pound dumbbells in each hand during my bicep workout. My forehead was pulsating, and my teeth were clenched. My face was pure rage while I was going to war with my body.

A fat man sitting next to me was alternating reps with 10 pounds while he talked about the barbecue he was going to. He kept glancing at me in the mirror. “That guy’s on steroids for sure,” he said. I played his line over and over in my head during many workouts.

The guys at the gym taught me about women, marriage, and smart choices in life.

“In hindsight, I should’ve married this girl I knew in high school; she was homely, but sweeter than pie. Looks fade, you know.”

“Are you a traditionalist? I tried to wrap my mind around the bible, but I kept getting hung up on what God did to the people of Midian. A lot of Christians just don’t know their old testament or if they do, they ignore it. Some of their arguments are bazar.”

“Well, the answers in life are not simple. Religion makes them sound that way, but when you dig into the scriptures it raises questions that not even the pastor can answer.”

“Will you guys shut up! This is a gym; let’s lift weights.”

5 thoughts on “Gym Philosophy

  1. Sounds like the greek philosophers’ gyms way back when!
    Guess I’ll have to take off my earphones every now and then and drop an ear to check in on my fellow gym mates; perhaps there’s more to vanity than meets the eye; perhaps I’m the vain one for judging 🙂
    Great post!

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