After living in the light for 80 years…

I’ll be ready to live in the dark

just turn up the classical music

and roast me quickly

I like to think of myself as rare

bloody on the inside

with delicious flavor

In our last years

We break down

forgetting the world

and the world forgets us

We’re moving to somewhere

Like my Aunt

living in assisted living

married to her Hispanic husband

who takes care of her

She thinks my dad is a sheriff

who arrests bootleggers in Europe

And I’m a father with 5 kids

Satan and Jesus visit her routinely

and she hides Jews under her wheelchair

The mind knows what it needs at the end

It knows what we need now

We should listen to it

more often

and trust in its goodness

In the dark

we can hear music

In our sleep

We dream

In our waking moments

we are not woke




Near death

there is life

let it go

and you have it

It’s the moment

It’s now


Do it now!

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