Before I entered professional life

I thought

Video Games

were a waste of time

Growing up

I escaped important people

to play N64

with my delayed friend

down the street

We tried to beat levels

we’d never won

and unlock games

we’d never played

The music brought comfort

when there was none

and the joy of killing him

never got old

He would scream and shout

and accuse me of being a cheat

until his drama ended in crescendo

and he shut-off the game

It was a guilty pleasure

I had

Although, I can never remember feeling guilty

“You come over here just to make him mad, don’t you?” My friend’s dad said.

“He tortures the boy, Judy.”

But I smiled and laughed

and all was forgiven

Years later

I find myself in a job

doing paperwork all day

I listen to those video games

and it takes me right back

I can work for hours

doing the most mundane tasks

and years have gone by

while I listen to my past.

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