A Lonely Life

can be yours

if you choose it

but there will always be those

who know a solitary man when they see him

and they will make it their duty to ensure he is not alone.

I’ve been watching the street from my apartment window

trying to make sense of the traffic down there

It takes great effort to do anything

and most inspiration dies before it is born.

Still, the idea of doing something beyond doing and undoing

captivates me

I’m waiting…

Just waiting

And not avoiding the waiting place

Time runs slow here

I’ve gotten rid of clocks

I listen to the silence and watch the natural light go down

I sleep

I wake

I wait

And the silence is like a symphony

My soul waits for the right sound

And soon I will get things done

But I’m just going to listen a bit longer…


6 thoughts on “A Lonely Life

  1. Escape a lonely life. Let go and fall with your own weight, as an object, to a lonely pile of stones? Or go to meet loneliness, run through it to the end, and go out to the other side where there is no silence and where we are not alone?
    Save yourself from a lonely life, surrendering to it completely. Destroy it, becoming one with it.

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