After my accident, it is difficult to keep things in order. Dr. Walters is a nice enough man. He specializes in Traumatic Brain Injury and he always tells me, “You are lucky.”

I’m not so sure how lucky it is to be hit by a car while reading a book, but Dr. Walters always says, “You could’ve died. You need to be more careful. Don’t go wandering off.”

I’ve always done what I wanted to do, so I cut through the cornfield on my way home from school. Walking through the stalks gave me a warm feeling. The sun was above me. The dirt squashed between my toes. And I could only see green in every direction. Suddenly I reached a clearing. It was a round circle and the corn was squashed down. A light shone above me and a metallic disk sliced through the air to land at my feet.

A green alien with a long neck and an oval head opened a door and stepped out. He addressed me without speaking. “You’ve hurt your head. Let me fix that.” He pointed his thumb in my direction and it felt like my brain was squeezed into a vice. The headache I didn’t realize I had disappeared and my vision cleared, like when the ears pop after descending from high elevation. 

“Until next time,” the alien said. And I walked home from the field wondering if my brain was better or worse since my recent hallucination. Should I bring this up to Dr. Walters in my next visit?

At school the next day, I had my SATs. They’ve been doing computer scoring so you know your results when you finish. I got a perfect score and was called into the principal’s office. Dr. Walters was there.

“Henry, I’ve been speaking to your Doctor. We know you want to live a normal life, but cheating isn’t the way to do it. Tell us what prompted you to steal the answers. Who helped you?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” I said. And no matter what explanation I tried to give; they didn’t believe me. When I was about to leave, Dr. Walters shook my hand with a friendly smile. It was his usual patronizing manner, like he was on my side because nobody else was. But something was different this time. He no longer seemed like a harmless arrogant charlatan. I saw into his mind and the young girls he had taken advantage of. They were patients and I wondered what I should do.

The next day I was in Dr. Walters’ office. It was full of smart games and I didn’t know if these were used to test patients or frustrate them. You could look at Dr. Walters and tell that he thought he was very intelligent.

“Aside from your recent scandal, how was your week?” The doctor asked.

“I walked through a cornfield yesterday,” I admitted.

“I told you not to go wandering off.”

“I know, but I found a crop circle and met an alien.”

The doctor swallowed a breath of air and became very excited. How much medication have you been taking? Your condition may be worse.”

“I’m telling you; the circle and the alien are real.”

“Well, there is only one way to find out,” the good doctor said.

We got into his car and drove into the country. I could hear screaming from the back seat, but nobody was there. It was like dozens of girls were calling for help. We reached the cornfield and got out.

“It shouldn’t be more than 100 yards in,” I said. And there was the clearing.

“This is something,” Doctor Walters murmured. “Did the same person who helped you cheat on the SATs help you make this circle?”

“I told you that I met an alien. Now what have you been doing to young girls?”

The doctor’s face turned to stone. “How could you possibly know?”

“It’s because of him,” I pointed. “He healed my brain and did some other things to me. I’m not sure that he meant to.”

The doctor turned around and his mouth could have swallowed a watermelon, it was so wide.

“We have some experiments we’ve been wanting to do,” the alien said. “They are of a sexual nature and we have been looking for the right specimen. Will you step aboard?”

“I most certainly will not,” Dr. Walters complained. But the good doctor was beamed into the spaceship anyway. There were screams and yells coming from inside.

And I heard one of the alien scientists talking. “We’ve never seen one that was only an inch long.”

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