When you know you are the shit…

the world falls away

You really see yourself

I’ve felt the skin of a beautiful woman

and I’ve looked into her brown eyes

It gives me an uncomfortable feeling

like I can’t get away.

I’m flying at 40,000 feet

while I write these words

wearing my sunglasses

drinking coffee

and feeling like a Rock-star.

During my tour of Europe

I heard the self-help guru say, “Real men don’t feel.”

“Instead, they get things done.”

but if you can’t love the moment

What do you have?

I’ve gone through airport hell

They detained me at every checkpoint

I got strip-searched

I misunderstood the German’s directions and started to take off my pants

“Nien…Nien!” He screamed, but this only caused me to panic

and the poor bastard saw my boxer shorts

Before I left Switzerland, I asked my friend how people mature

“Experience.” He said

“But what about a guy who lives with himself for twenty years and doesn’t do anything? Would he mature?

That’s a good question. I think he would.”

My trip was filled with these types of conundrums.

There weren’t a lot of answers

and I’m glad for that.

8 thoughts on “When you know you are the shit…

    1. Ha Ha! I think the reason I got detained so much is that I tried to look European while I was over there. I grew a beard, bought a Panama hat, and tried to speak the language. Unfortunately, all of these things made me appear more American. They must’ve thought I had a screw loose, but this trip was worth it! I got lost many times and saw history up close. 🙂

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