Suddenly the stone split and a creature swam into the hot water.

“Quick, move it into the kitchen sink before it cooks,” Clayton said. I grabbed the canning pot with two hands and tried to hoist it into the sink, but it was as hot as a camp stove. “Ouch!” I dropped the contents everywhere and the creature slithered onto the floor like a transparent penguin. Its eyes were shut and it had claws for feet. It moved its head around the room, like it was sniffing the air to find its mother. It smelled me and opened its mouth for the first time. The creature squealed with delight and flopped closer.

“I wonder if it’s hungry,” I asked.

“You bet it is,” Clayton said. His mouth was open but I couldn’t tell if it was awe or horror, probably a bit of both, but anyhow, he had resisted the impulse to kill whatever it was before it did something similar to the characters in the Alien movies.

“I’ve got some earthworms out back. Remember, we were going to go fishing?”

“I totally forgot. I’m sure it will eat worms. When it gets a bit bigger, we can feed it frogs from the bayou.”

“When it gets bigger?” Clayton asked. “We can’t keep this thing. It will eat you after it has progressed from cats and dogs.”

“We’ll just have to take some precautions,” I said.

“Let me get your dad’s shotgun,” Clayton pleaded.

“I was thinking of a leash.”

“No, Andy. Everything you find, you want to turn into a pet.”

“That’s not true.”

“Well… there was the raccoon last summer. He ate the possum you caught two years ago. The problem is, this thing is bigger than the raccoon and it’s only a baby. We don’t even know what it is.”

“Why don’t you google it?” I asked. “lives in Louisiana State, clear body, hatched from an egg, and probably going to be larger than an ostrich.”

“Dude, I’m not sure this thing is a bird. It might be a reptile.”

“Well, we’ll just have to keep a close eye on it. School is almost out. Then we can spend all summer watching it grow.”

3 thoughts on “What was inside the egg?

  1. Of remembering dreams: At least once, or twice; probably more, but I only remember a few. The others recede in to my deep depths of my as yet inaccessible memory banks. I’ve had dreams of living in Mongolia being pursued by Mongol warriors. Upon awakening, I realize that I was just dozing momentarily after eating Szechwan takeout.

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