The best things come and go

It is best to let them

I always settle in a place and think…

I’ll stay here forever

but circumstances change

or it’s the people

Sometimes we change

and we don’t even know it

I didn’t realize this when I was younger

I was holding onto friendships


and things

I thought they should remain the same

but they didn’t

Things separate from me

like gravity

Even my greatest passions leave

I tell myself

my fire will keep burning

if I keep stoking it

but it always goes out

and things are reborn

from the ashes of my past

I meet new people

and do new things

From time to time

the old wants to become new again

but it will never be what it once was

I see old faces and listen to old stories

but they are only echoes

as unreal

as memories

I depend on the things that haven’t left

because they’ve been with me for such a long time

but I know they will leave

and I’ll need to wish them goodbye.


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