I was playing golf alone

on a typical spring day

when I met a samurai on the golf course

“Hiiii,” he said. He was about five feet tall and he bowed to me.

It was an honor to be in his company

He was nearly 70 years old and played golf very consistently.

I smashed it off the tee box and he howled with delight

“Loooong!” We kept playing like this for some time.

Until we joined up with another samurai

They knew each other and they started jabbering in Japanese.

I’d hit my drive and they’d both bow and gesticulate.

They weren’t half bad too.

They’d hit their balls and wait for me to hit mine.

Then they’d whoop with delight.

For some reason my putting got better too.

The more they cheered, the better I became.

“Pro, you are pro! Ahhh, nice shot!” They would say.

And we reached the 18th green and I holed it out for a birdie.

Each samurai bowed to me and I bowed back.

I felt like a warrior.

They honored me.

And I’ve never had a better round of golf.

Three and a half years later, I went to Baskin N’ Robbins with my mother.

I went to order my ice-cream

And the owner looked at me. His eyes got really large.

And I couldn’t figure out why.

“Looong!” He said. “Very Looong!”

And then I remembered that I had played golf with him several years ago

He was one of the samurais

and he owned the ice-cream shop

What a great guy

I’ve never played golf with anyone better!


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