Maybe my time has past

Nobody really knows if this is true

The old David picks up stones

and throws them at Goliath

just to see if he can still do it.

There is a man who has not resigned himself to his routine or his reputation

He isn’t defending anything

because there is nothing to defend.

He decides to leave his old life behind

wandering where others won’t

and going back to the start

to become a child again.

He abandons dignity

to become undignified

and sees the world through new eyes.

Every leap

gives him new life

because he knows it cannot be possessed

Only expressed.

A young man asks him, “Why are you sailing around the world at 72? You might die, there is a 9% chance.”

“I have a 9% chance of dying in my bed. Whether that be on a bed of corals or a bed of cotton, I know what I must do.”

And he pulls up his anchor to sail into the sunset of his life.


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