Having peace in my life is starting to become a fanatical obsession. We cannot appreciate peace unless we have been seasoned in battle. I’ve realized that true freedom comes from saying “no” to just about everything. Only when we learn how to live in the void can we reach inner bliss. The problems most people face are self-created. They think that they can add things to their life to make it better, but the opposite is true. They need continual distractions. They need continual directions. They are not able to go their own way.

Paying attention to who you are is important. The real “you” will not change. Instead, you must find yourself to gain any sort of satisfaction.

Recently, I’ve been struck by the reality of passing time. I’ve stayed 5 years in my current job. Not much has changed. The people are the same and their problems follow a predictable rise and fall.

I’ve allowed drama into my life and I’ve allowed disguises to fool me. I’ve allowed the sales pitch of others to convince me that there is something out there in the world that I don’t have. But when I strive for it and get it, I realize I just wasted what I hold to be most valuable. I’ll tell you what is worthwhile.

Get alone and I mean, really get alone. See what you find there. When you do this, you are faced with emptiness. It is who you are when you started and it is who you will be at the end. I used to be surprised by what people talk about before their death. They discuss trivial things, like putting their house in order or paying the bills.

There is more to life than transactions and moving things around. Life is about connecting to the source of all things. When you do this, you can appreciate each moment and you are aware of the moments that you lose. It is similar to healthy living. You start to notice how things make you feel when you swallow them. The same is true for all things. What we take-in changes us. This influences what we release into the world. 

One of the scariest and most exhilarating moments in life is when you realize you are willing to trade everything for perhaps, nothing. This decision can only be made by a trailblazer; someone who can no longer walk down well-trodden paths. Countless obstacles present themselves, but overcoming these are better than walking where others have walked. It is the pure attempt of every great philosopher, artist, or spiritualist. They are bound by tradition, but they want something more and they will go to unusual lengths to get it. They subject themselves to pressure and time; the key elements of change. Their flesh will adapt because it is living, while all dead things will disappear.

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