To Beat the System means that you must find that place between trying and not trying. It is similar to being half awake or half asleep. This semi consciousness and semi action is not easy to maintain. It comes and it goes, like luck, and the trick is to realize when the mood is right. A writer must be ever watchful of this feeling. It is a rhythm that fluctuates from one moment to the next. When you find it, ease into it; put other things on hold. The system stops when you step outside of it. Go until the music is gone; until you are drawn inside again. Being within the system does not feel as bad, when you have step outside of it. And the more often you do it, the lighter you become. It is harder to be held down by things. You float above them, unaffected. Worldly worries are distant from you because you’ve step outside again. You will seek dangerous dances with destiny and push yourself to find things that cannot be seen. You appear to risk everything for nothing, because others cannot see the system, and they don’t know what it means to step outside.


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