The best people in life are those who have nothing, but do everything. There is rebellion in their spirit. They aren’t supposed to be free. They don’t have security or money to feed themselves, but their food comes from…

forgotten people

dejected places

and discarded things

It sickens me to see people wasting their time at jobs

Someone told them they need one because they are worthless

They can’t sell their own value for a higher price

Few people master their thoughts, but if they do, they can do anything

If you want things in life, you must go at them alone

It is the hardest thing to do because we depend on others for survival

Where I am going, you cannot follow. I am certain of what I must do and I must do it alone.

We shouldn’t be afraid to make dangerous decisions

where we can no longer return to safety

These choices put us on a track for fulfilling our destiny

This is a step beyond ordinary commitment

It is a gamble

It is you willing to risk everything, for one thing

Escape is not your plan.

You must find something you can pursue to the exclusion of all other things

And those who steal time and finds inspiration have Beaten the System

People change

they shed one self for another

losing who they used to be

Being left with memories

I like to pretend more than I like to be things

Somehow, the reality of it all is diminishing

I like to be the president one day and his worst enemy the next.

And I love those moments when I am able to step outside of myself and see the absurdity of it all.

Maybe one of the things you don’t get from being where you should be is the marvelous feeling that you don’t belong. Now I need to do the most important thing which is writing. And I need to do it effortlessly. If I don’t have the solution, I will go for a walk. I will do what I think is best and keep going.

The wise man of the woods walks the trails and trims the bushes with his clippers.

I walk down the stairs to greet my parents finishing a movie in the living room.

I tell them, “I figured out what I want to do with my life. I want to be a writer.”

My dad frowns and tells me, “I worked with a guy who was a writer. He said, ‘I’ve got the rejection slips to prove it.'”

Now, it feels so good to get away from everyone.

It feels so good to write words.

If only my mind was fresh and I had ambition…


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