Some people are cursed with good looks

and some people with bad

Some have a good brain

and others do not

Any one of these

can be a help or a hindrance

When you are beautiful, people want you

They latch onto you

and only see one tiny part

When you are ugly, people ignore you

or they give you a hard time

but for the most part

they leave you alone

And the people that get to know you, really do get to know you

If you have a good brain

you can use it to find what you want

and if you have a bad brain

You don’t know what you don’t want

Those who are really cursed are the ones with good looks and a good brain

People see a tiny part of them and ignore the rest

The good brain wants to be so much more than what people see

It knows what it wants

and it cannot hide from what it doesn’t want.


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