My Philosophy

The more you read and think about ideas and make them your own, the less you will be influenced by the maddening crowd. To really Beat the System, you must act on your ideas.

Beating the System means to own your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. You own your work. You are not a slave to any master. Your mind directs you, outside of all entities.

You must find the things is life that help you to step outside of your routine and feel good. Usually, what we invest our time, energy, and resources into, we value. If you pursue mastery in a craft, this is a method for Beating the System.

Value Yourself and Your Ideas

You must value yourself and not allow yourself to be cheapened by things. People wrongly think that if everyone contributes to an idea it develops and reflects the intention of individuals within the group. But this is not true. The idea has been diluted. It belongs to no one. The greatest atrocities in life are caused by ideas that belong to no one. There is no accountability. It is very difficult to hold a group accountable.

To Beat the System means that you are able to sell and live off your own ideas. There will be barriers along the way, but the man or woman using intention sees these obstacles as an opportunity to exert their power. To Beat the System requires total self-reliance. To achieve self-reliance requires a man or woman to see the world differently. They must abandon convention and do what is unconventional.

Develop a Personal Truth and Commit to It

Understand, you have more influence than you think, but you are exerting it in the wrong way. Rather than trying to convince others of common messages, influence yourself with messages that make you better and lead to personal truth. Most people in the world lack belief. Those without belief try to convince others more than ever, but they are really trying to convince themselves, and they’re failing miserably. They are constantly distracted by fears, insecurities, and the opinions of others. They do battle against them, not because they are certain of their position, but because they are uncertain. They do not have a personal truth that they believe in. They have not committed to anything. The only way to have meaning in life is through commitment. A man or woman can commit to a craft, a relationship, a personal philosophy, but they must truly commit.


When we are young, we feel the urge to sort out the world and not take the advice of those in authority. If we stick with this practice and suspend the temptation to latch onto a truth too soon, we gain insight into ourselves and the world around us.

My personal philosophy is called Beat the System. It is not for everyone and that is what makes it worth pursuing.


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