Oh, I wish I could feel good again


I’ll let other people fight my battles

I won’t engage with the angry or the anxious

I’ll find a quiet moment

pour some root beer

and relax

I know I should be tougher

but my calloused skin

can’t feel in the same way


I’ll do the things I was meant to do

I’ll do the things I would have done if I had slept in

I’ll see the world the way it was meant to be seen

Oh, to feel good again

I need to ride my bicycle into oblivion

walk down forest paths

play chess for hours

eat pizza


swing a golf club at night

I need to let go of so many things

and let other people be who they are

I’ll let the angry fight the angry

and the anxious console the anxious

I’ll do the things I’ve always wanted to do

because I must.


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