The best days are when I give up

I crawl into bed and forget the world

I can spend days by myself, just thinking

Sometimes I’ll go to the library and watch the people

There’s an old German who owns a Mercedes from the late 80s

I’ve seen him at the gym and about town

He’s always alone

There’s the jaundiced skeleton who spends all day at the library

I’ve seen him at the grocery story buying cheese puffs and generic soda

There’s the Star Trek fan who wears the same pair of baggy jeans

He has a bad hip and walks with a limp

There are the seniors who discuss politics and scotch

Two of them are hooked up to oxygen

The librarian tells them to be quiet

Oh, these are the best days

Watching the world

and not needing to be in the world

Sleeping and thinking

Just being…


7 thoughts on “Oh, These are the Best Days

  1. I am so digging your vibe. I could spend all day long haunting your words my friend. And by the way, I do this too! I love watching people, I like to see what’s in their grocery carts and if they smile at strangers and look up when walking or just down.

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