Meanwhile… in The Black and White Horror Show Harvey led everyone toward the woman selling singing potions. Bernie snuck behind her, using a scarf to keep her quiet. “That will save everyone’s ears.” he said out of breath. “If anyone needed a singing potion, it was her.”

            “Does anyone know how to play the Calliope?” Sissy asked. Brandon raised his hand.

            JAWS DROPPED

            “You’re only a football player!” Jeremy retorted.

            “So you say!” The muscular jock jumped onto the wagon, operating the pedals and keys with ease. “I’ve been playing since I was four,” He laughed. The moving music machine slowly came to life. The gears groaned in protest as Brandon played The Entertainer. Soon the wheels were turning and the wagon left its stilts behind. It gathered speed… “Everyone aboard!” Bernie yelled.

            The people of carnival town walked out of their shops, following the music machine.

            Brandon worked the petals to the tune of Merrily We Roll Along as the streets flooded with citizens. Turning a corner, the steps of The Egyptian loomed into view.

“How’re we going to get inside?” Brandon yelled.

“Just keep playing!” Bernie shouted.

The calliope climbed the stone steps, fitting through the columns, and smashed into the stone entrance. Dust and debris billowed into the air, cascading around the wagon.

Citizens streamed through the broken wall like water.

 “We’re nearly there. Someone needs to get the camera ready!” Sissy shouted. Jeremy leapt off the wagon, running into the studio. In seconds, the calliope emerged and the crowd followed.

“SMILE!” Jeremy directed. Without thinking, everyone grinned. Even the citizens of Carnival Town obeyed.


A blinding light captured them in black and white film.


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