This world is going to eat itself alive

Consumption is out of control

People swallow things and they don’t know why

When we stop consuming, we start creating

When we listen to our inner voice and use our inner resources

We realize we are enough

If we give a little, we gain a lot.

You must choose your battles and be thankful for your enemies.

Cultivate a love of fate.

Use philosophy to deal with chaos.

Sometimes this requires a journey

to escape tired routines

and reorient yourself

The maddening crowd plays games they can’t win.

They compete over artificial things.

Do not want what they want

Hide in the shadows

Magic is a disappearing act

Create beauty in the darkness

The best wisdom is counterintuitive

When we are ignored, we become powerful

and Neglect becomes our ally

5 thoughts on “This World is Going to Eat Itself Alive

  1. How true is this. We progress, but to what end. We build up, but forget that the true heights are found within. Thank you for this beautiful reflection on the power that touching inner creativity can have on the growing soul.

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