Nearing the object, Jeremy realized what it was. “It’s a camera and I’ve seen it before. It’s the same flash camera Ignatius used in The Black and White Horror Show!”

Bernie picked it up, looking through the lenses, wondering if there was undeveloped film inside.

“Sir, I’m not so sure it’s a good idea to touch something so dangerous.”

“Nonsense; I doubt there’s anything special about this prop. Our journey under the stage has taught us Ignatius was a master of tricks, not a real magician.”

How can you believe that when the horror show already captured an audience member?” demanded Jeremy.

“Coincidences and tricks of cinematography—Ignatius was a genius of illusion, nothing more.”

Was Bernie trying to deceive him? Jeremy wondered.

“We have what we came for. This camera will make an excellent curiosity in the front lobby.”

Jeremy was silently horrified. “Should we make our way to the trapdoor?” he asked.

“An excellent idea!” replied Bernie, hugging his old-fashioned camera even tighter.

Turning to follow, Jeremy noticed something glossy stuck between the floorboards. Reaching down, he picked up a flimsy black and white photograph. He couldn’t make out the picture, but he pocketed it all the same.

Sissy was the first to hear them. In two seconds a rickety ladder was lowered into the trapdoor. Not a moment later, Bernie’s head emerged, followed by the antique camera.


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