A few hours later, Barney and Sarah were awakened by sonic booms. Half asleep, they jumped out of bed, colliding with each other.

“What happened?” yelled Barney. “It sounds like a powder keg exploded!”

Opening their door, they witnessed total destruction. Half of the captain’s quarters were blown away. The ornamental chamber was full of smoke and the bed was on fire. Luckily, Rucksack was an early riser.

At twilight the sky was full of cannon fire. Two armadas shelled each other from five hundred yards away. Payloads delivered rapid reports.

Several balls whizzed over The Majestic, tearing into the rigging. Soon the main sail was littered with holes, leaving a few scraps of material left to catch the wind.

“You’ve been asleep for nearly half the battle,” shouted Rucksack. “I need your help for a tricky maneuver. It may be the only way to avoid capture. Help me secure the parachute.”

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