Not long into the desert voyage, the magician gave Sarah and Barney chores, instructing them to sew old sails together with fishing line.

The Majestic cruised along as smoothly as if it were sailing on calm water. Looking over the gunwale, several disheveled caravans roasted in the sun. These ancient ships of the desert were blackened by heat.

Rucksack filled the sails with wind using his Thunder Stick and The Majestic sailed at a rapid pace, setting course for two intersecting dunes in the distance.

Sarah worked tirelessly on the old canvas.

“Now the sails must be sewn at the top and connected to the ends,” instructed Rucksack. “Ideally, you should have a large sock when it’s finished.”

Barney thought of a million ways it could be used, but every idea seemed far-fetched.

The Majestic sailed over the hill, revealing a hidden canyon below.

“We’ll secure the sock to every side of the ship.” shouted Rucksack. He took his place at the stern. “Hold onto something. This could be one heck of a drop!”

Sarah thought the experience of falling would be like flying. Instead, it felt like her head separated from her body.

When the parachute opened, everyone hoped they wouldn’t hear tearing fabric.

They glided into a river that twisted like the coils of a great snake. Rucksack referenced his map several times, making sure they were headed in the right direction.

Soon they approached a three hundred foot waterfall and Rucksack gave the signal to get the parachute ready.

 “DIVE!” he shouted.

Everyone grabbed the rigging as The Majestic left the river, reentering open space. There wasn’t a ship in sight when theyglided smoothly into the East Ocean.

Sarah glanced at Rucksack who stowed the canvas parachute into the forward compartment. “Do you have a heading,” she asked tentatively.

“Our point of navigation is plotted for Volcano Island, but we won’t be sailing in the doldrums.” Rucksack said.

 The Majestic will create long ripples, much like a stone falling into a still pond. If we set sail now, any pirates in our latitude will be alerted to our presence and their first course of action will be to load their cannons. We must wait until the natural elements move the ocean. Once we have the weather gage, no one can find us.”Pink hews blazed on the horizon as the sun sank out of sight. Stars ventured into the sky and stories from long ago appeared in the heavens. Rucksack gazed at them, mumbling ancient tales to himself.

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