Rucksack walked over to the other room and returned from the ship’s galley. He had his hands full of lemons and limes. “I usually carry an abundant supply of calcium enriched fruit on my voyages to fend off the scurvy. The acidity will remain hidden on brown paper and can be revealed with heat.”

He had many blank navigational charts on his seaman’s easel in the corner. Rucksack grabbed one and started to work. It was tedious business, but with each new discovery he grew excited.

Sarah and Barney watched him drawing an invisible map with the exactness of a surveyor. It looked like he was working on nothing. Finally, after hours of invisible strokes, he finished.

“Wait until you have a chance to feast your eyes on the secrets and intricacies of Volcano Island,” Rucksack said. He held up the blank parchment, handing his sword to Sarah.

“I don’t see any lines,” muttered Barney.

“Precisely,” said Rucksack. “Let me show you how the invisible map will become visible.” He carefully held the parchment over the fire. Suddenly, green lettering emerged on the chart. Rucksack was obviously an artist. The land features and lines of navigation were drawn to proportion.

 “We need the map to make it out of the Zarkin Desert alive,” whispered Rucksack. “Despite being able to manipulate the elements, magicians have always needed to rely on the earth to survive. Well lads, we have our heading that will lead us to the next watering hole. It’s time to heave anchor.” Rucksack pocketed his charts and stepped onto the main deck. “Let’s get ourselves out of these doldrums and into the main airstream.” Rucksack spun his wand with expertise, propelling them toward the next oasis.

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