I’m feeling a bit under the weather this morning because I stayed up too late. I’m not sure why I do this, but probably because I love to make myself really tired. There is no better feeling than knowing you are going to lie down in bed and fall asleep in 3 seconds. Usually I like to tell myself stories or imagine where I would like to be. I’m sleeping in my van, overlooking an ocean. The tall grass blows and the clouds roll in over the highland bluffs.

Who put us here and why?

We have to discover this for ourselves. And when we find it, do it! Don’t let distractions get in the way. Don’t let obligations or routines drive you to do something else.

I’ve realize that modern meaning has been manufactured, just like TV dinners and when we swallow them, the processed messages lead us in the wrong direction.

Find something organic and free. Measure how it makes you feel. Don’t do it for others or for any other reason besides the doing. Soon enough, your life may become a symphony with high and low notes.

And your music awakens others

I went for a walk yesterday, near the golf course. I’m always looking for golf balls. I couldn’t find any in the bushes, but there was one in the middle of the path.

A perfect ball, A 4 dollar find.

I want to Beat the System. I want to pick money off the street. I want to find gold nuggets on the beach. It is not about getting wealthy. It is about becoming wise. We can look in the bushes or we can follow the trail.

And I’m still lying in bed, but that doesn’t matter. All the best creation happens here, the human race, and the words that cause me to wonder.

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