Thomas Hatter had two sons; Rucksack being an avid naturalist and Romulus spending long hours in the library learning the history of magic. They developed their skill as magicians under the tutelage of Conundrum until one summer evening a lightning storm struck the highland bluffs just below the Albadorous Mountains.

Rucksack had no mind when contemplating what he should bring. Hanging on his bedroom wall was the old hat Conundrum gave him. Romulus thought the hat to be a worthless heirloom, so he took no notice of it. There were residual effects in the silk lining where the unicorn hair had been. Rucksack knew the lingering magic could repel water, which was at least something. He put the old hat on his head, leaving the cabin empty handed. He kept dry as rain flowed around him, collecting in midair waterfalls.

Bolts of lightning struck damp earth around the fledgling magicians. A nearby tree smoldered into ashes. Romulus raced to the burning limb, brandishing an electric wand. Fire seared into his skin as he clutched the stick in his hands. Another bolt of lightning struck him, turning his eyes ghostly white.

Rucksack ran to his brother to see how badly he was hurt. When he touched the magician, energy surged through him.

Romulus sensed power leaving his body as he raised the Thunder Stick menacingly at his brother. “The storm chose me,” he screamed!

Rucksack was taken aback as Romulus energized his wand.


A bolt of energy surged toward him. Instinctively, Rucksack bowed his head as it struck the top hat.

After being attacked, Rucksack did what any naturalist magician would do; he vanished.

Romulus failed to observe the characteristics of his brother imbedded in a snail crawling on the ground. He collected his wits and trekked back to the Hatter Plantation to announce his brother’s death.

Rucksack emerged from his disguise, pocketing a smoldering ember on the ground.

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