Everything is so keyed up. I prefer when things are keyed down. I like writing on this old computer with a broken power cord. I might lose everything in a heartbeat, during that second between thoughts. There is something special about losing words. When you write them and lose them, you know it is very similar to talking to yourself. A long drive or a lonely walk can alter the course of your life. Try reducing distractions and desires. Follow the voice from within. Listen to no one, not even yourself. Just understand the words are coming. There is life inside of you. It is speaking, but it still echoes the messages that are heard in the world. Keep walking and allow the words to come. Get an old typewriter and start writing. See how long you can go. The words won’t be inspired. Repeat the process until you love it. One day you will surprise yourself.  –just me and not the shaman

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