If we have no human contact we go mad. If we have too much human contact we go mad. In my life, I’ve enjoyed the company of a few people. My best relationships just happened. I didn’t look for them.

As I get older, I have to prioritize my time. I’m picking the most meaningful things and doing them. I’m after total freedom. Material possesions weigh me down. Relationships pull me in different directions. My energy is eaten up at a job. My time is taken by trivalities. I see money as a tool. It can put distance between me and the mundane world.

Mobility is key. Travel takes us where we need to go.

To find beauty, one must search for it. To find peace, one must accept it. To find love, one must love others.

Wisdom comes to those who are willing to search for it.

It cannot be read, heard, or seen.

It must be lived.


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