People and their Pets

begin to look alike
sound alike
smell alike
even think alike

The same phenomenon
happens after marriage
A man and a woman
begin to take on the same characteristics

After 50 years
their similar qualities
become magnified

If a bachelor lives with his dog too long—
he starts to become an animal
And there is no hope for him
unless he gets married

being able to care for something
is attractive to women
and a man will not be alone for long

Take my brother-in-law for instance
He got a dog after high school
And he was married two years later

In that two years
He turned into a Lab
Jon’s dad referred to him as
“the animal”

It’s a good thing my sister loves Labs
When she and Jon got married
and started living together
they got another Lab

This one would grin
every time it did something wrong
I noticed that Jon began to grin too
I wondered what he was doing wrong

They moved to Mississippi
and one of their dogs died

The next time I saw Jon
there was something missing in his face
He was no longer grinning
He looked sad
A part of him
was gone


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