The couple clung to each other even tighter when they left the Ferris wheel. The boy put his arm around his girlfriend, giving her a kiss. Even on the silver screen, it was obvious she blushed. Her boyfriend pointed to a new attraction called The Immortal Game; rolling up his chambray shirt, he flexed his muscles. His girlfriend looked at him, amusement on her face. He grabbed the skeleton’s hand and the fight began.

Bernie watched the subtitles as the boy wrestled the skeleton for eternal glory.

In two seconds, he grappled the skeleton’s arm into submission; a silver ticket shot from the coffin. He was about to reach for the card when sparks flew out of the grave and smoke billowed from below. Hundreds of tickets shot out of the lid. Soon the floor was flooded with them. The boy grabbed one for his girlfriend and they moved to the next tent, pretending nothing happened, hoping to claim their prize.

The camera panned to a burly guard who took their tickets. Upon entering the tent, the audience saw a confined space. A photographer with a bald head and a wild beard acknowledged their presence. He was dressed in a long cape, fitting for Count Dracula. He motioned for the couple to take their seats, moving a bench into position and adjusting his light. A silver camera was set on a tripod with a black veil hiding the photographer.

Bernie noticed several signed photographs hanging on the wall.

Ignatius had an insidious smile and a gaunt face that craved something; yet Bernie couldn’t figure-out what it was.

Realizing the cigarette burns flashed in the corner, they signaled him to change the reels. Making the necessary adjustments in double time, Bernie pulled the rusty lever.


The movie theater flooded with light. Ignatius captured the couple in black and white film, blinding the audience with his silver camera.

After a couple seconds, Bernie’s eyes adjusted to the screen. He saw the silhouette of the photographer developing a new photograph in his rendering room. Ignatius sprinkled sparkling dust into a film tray, draping his picture in solution, hanging it to dry. When his deed was done, he walked through the curtain with an evil smile on his face, waiting for the next customer in line.


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