A little suffering
A word processor
A quiet room
Classical music
And a rebellious spirit

Writing must have power behind it

Does your writing command attention?
Like a voice
of warning
these words must be read

Without this power
readers should stop reading

Power is everything 

If you can give power to words
like a magician 
Suddenly, your success 
or a lack of it
does not matter

Readers are hypnotized by words
unable to look away
You have power over them
You are a writer

is like courting a woman
You cannot force 

Writers must have ambition
but it cannot drive them to write

Once you start thinking 
about word counts,
and books
Inspiration will leave you

Like a woman

When you date for 
Or Money

She will sense your insincerity
and pull away

You must give your attention 
to the craft of writing

Like a good seduction

Your love
will get you in bed
with words and women
every time.


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