During the intense battle everyone ignored the elderly man. Conundrum addressed the bewildered hunters, “If you free my bonds, I’ll reunite Bane with his former self. Like all of you, whose blood has been purified with potion, Bane deserves a new life where he can make reparations. I will cast the magic of forgiveness. It can heal tarnished souls and never fails to renew the magician delivering the spell.”

            Thomas quickly borrowed Teddy’s knife to cut the ropes. The wizard reached into his cloak for the Thunder Stick. His thoughts surged into the wood as he addressed the lycanthropic creature before him.

“Bane, lord above all other werewolves, accept this incantation of purification. My spell must be received for the words to work their magic.” Conundrum muttered a series of spells in a foreign tongue. The charm caused the hunters to shiver as they witnessed powerful magic having its effect on the preternatural monster.

Bane’s transformation was apparent in his eyes. His large orbs began to shrink and their glossy stillness came alive. He lay still as Conundrum passed his wand over his shifting body. After finishing the ritual, the magician sat down on the ground, exhausted.

In time, the Mint Village elected Bane chief magistrate and wizened elder of the town. Teddy gave Thomas his permission to marry Grace and the happy couple started their family in the Albadorous Mountains. The members of the small hunting party never forgot the sage advice of the wizard who wandered into their company.

The End


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