Teddy stared down Mr. Pots without any arrows left. The beast leapt upon him. He drew his silver knife and with three consecutive thrusts it expired.

Bane eyed Mrs. Pots with intense disgust, but kept an approving grin on his wolfish face. “Have you bitten the bastard?” he asked.

Mrs. Pots trembled with fear as she tried to explain. “I seek your council.”

The height of Bane’s wisdom wasn’t matched by his enormous cruelty. He looked at Mrs. Pots with veiled eyes, waited for her to draw nearer, and then tore her apart, throwing her helpless body into the flames. “That cowardly bitch could’ve lived if she’d obeyed me.” The Great Wolf marched toward the oak tree. Suddenly, it felt enormous pain in its back.

Thomas managed a spectacular shot with a silver tipped arrow. It poisoned Bane, giving the werewolf no choice but to transform. After removing the bolt, its wound rapidly healed, becoming stronger.

Teddy rushed down the mountainside armed with only a sapling. “The werewolf is mine,” he said. “Stand back.”

Bane pulled a smoldering ember from the ritualistic fire, engaging the overzealous warrior. Swinging it, he struck Teddy across the stomach fracturing three of his ribs. The jolt was tremendous.

Teddy quickly recovered, striking several times with a melee that put the wolf on its toes. Sparks flew across the campsite as they battled. His shirt caught fire; ripping it from his torso, he used it to ward off more attacks.

The ceremonial blaze blistered the wolf man as Teddy struck.


Bane toppled into the flames. He would’ve burned alive, but Teddy pulled him out.

Madam Bane spoke to the hunters. “He’s still one of the most dangerous creatures alive. You cannot kill him with mortal weapons. It’ll take stronger magic to purify his blood.”


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