Teddy carefully poured a measure of potion into a syringe and waited for the werewolf to draw nearer. Soon they faced each other on opposite limbs. “Your time is up,” sneered the wolf man. Teddy nodded and offered his outstretched forearm, inviting it to bite. The beast opened its mouth, exposing its fangs for a quick injection. Teddy held the needle inside his grip, beneath his arm. At the right moment, he gently pushed it into Alan’s mouth.

The werewolf shuddered in surprise. Its muscles grew ridged as fear flashed across its transforming face. Teddy grabbed his friend. It was strange to hold onto a shape shifter as it changed back into human form. The morphing muscles, joints, and bones were difficult to handle. The mannish creature began to seizure. Sweat poured from Alan’s glands as his coarse hair sloughed off.

 Teddy lost his grip. Later, he tried to convince himself that Alan broke his neck on the underlying branches before reaching the ground. The werewolves ripped the chief magistrate apart, feasting on his remains.

“YOU MONSTERS!” shouted Teddy.

The terror in his voice encouraged the shape shifters to gaze at him hungrily, as they remained in hybrid transformation. Another beast climbed toward him with bristling hair protruding from its enormous head. Teddy loaded the crossbow and fired. The bolt struck Madam Bane right between the eyes.

A skinnier werewolf threatened him. Its eyes glimmered with one desire, to tear him apart. There was no place to run. Teddy knew his situation was dire, but he kept his head and loaded his crossbow. Mr. Pots was getting even closer. The wolf man snarled and tried to slash him. Teddy jumped out of the way, swinging to a lower branch. In his efforts to avoid being killed, he lost track of his companions.

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