The Chief Magistrate tried to coax Teddy out of the tree. “Come on Tobias; we both know how this scenario ends. If we can’t pull you down, our master will push the tree over. Bane is strong and cunning. He will reward you for your obedience.”

Teddy began to feel sick to his stomach after listening to his best friend try to convince him to join forces with preternatural evil. “Tell me Alan, when were you first bitten and decided that your daughter’s life was worth sacrificing to please your master?” A grimace twitched across Alan’s face. 

“Tobias, you know that no one chooses to become a werewolf. You and the rest of the town gullibly believed that I fell into the ravine ten years ago. You knew it was unnatural for wounds to remain open and unhealed, but still you explained my condition away without giving it a second thought. Even my family wasn’t concerned by my changes in habit. I couldn’t bring myself to love them anymore. Regrettably, my wife was not lost in the woods four years ago, but murdered by my own hands when she wouldn’t make the transformation. Angelica met a similar fate. They were too good for the blood that runs through these veins.”

Teddy looked at his friend in wonderment and disgust. He had trouble believing that Alan kept the beast hidden for so long. “I understand that you wish to bring me to your master, but nothing of the like is going to happen.”

The werewolf gazed at his friend with malice. “Then I will come for you and the bite I deliver will feel like a warm rebirth. Soon you will yearn to fulfill my master’s will and your destiny will cease to be human.”

Alan ascended the tree with murder in his eyes. Maybe his human intentions believed he would only bite his friend, but his wolfish instinct wanted to kill.

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